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A State of Black Despair

19 January 2020

Digital Agriculture Services found a strong correlation between drought-affected and fire-hit land, with 86% of fire-hit land suffering at least a 1-in-10-year rainfall deficit.

Agricultural Land comprises 14% of total area burned by Australian bushfire

17 January 2020

Bushfires: Survey reveals catastrophic damage to productive land

15 January 2020

Bushfires: Recovery funds to hit budget surplus

15 January 2020

Ruralco roll out Digital Agriculture Services platform to its real estate team

24 September 2019

JLL pitches proptech agri solution at major banks

1 September 2019

CSIRO, Ruralco backs automated valuation platform for rural property

3 February 2019

CSIRO builds analytics platform to help Aussie farmers

17 January 2019

Rural property sales and lending set for technology disruption

23 January 2019

CSIRO partners with Digital Agriculture Services to help future-proof farms

18 January 2019

Farm data mining: Digital Agriculture Services provide rural intelligence

3 September 2018