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Our clients are financial institutions and agri companies, including banks, insurers, government, statutory bodies and digital-focused leaders who love land. Visit us on LinkedIn to learn more.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

A simple mapping tool made available on your website or customer portal that gives your teams and customers the ability to identify rural asset boundaries and capture customers, prospects and suppliers in minutes.

A CRM integration that enables you to batch upload your customers, then accurately geolocates and maps them at scale.

Capture all of your customers, prospects and suppliers along with their assets, mapped accurately with true rural boundaries.

Map Your Customer

Businesses of all sizes use DAS to unlock the potential of location intelligence, embed quality ESG data into decision-making, manage risk, and grow their customers.

How DAS works

Forest Loss Data Pack
Quickly gain an understanding of whether forested areas have been lost on your clients' land, or any aggregated area of interest.

Climate Data Pack
Enables agri-enterprise from banking to retail, insurance to asset managers to understand and manage climate-related risks & opportunities and meet regulatory requirements in an insight-driven, actionable way.

Near Real-Time Climate Event Data Pack
Gives your teams the knowledge as to which properties, buildings, customers and suppliers have been affected by floods or fires, enabling prompt response to emerging risks.

Grain Data Pack
Provides organisations operating within the Australian grain market with highly accurate winter or summer “in season” crop data, four years of historical crop data and up to 20 years of historical Australian crop productivity data.

Rural Property Data Pack
Delivers industry leaders with custom options like our geospatially-referenced sales database, median price per hectare, productivity, risk, climate, performance and land use.

Access and overlay data to enable better decision making in the face of increasing risks related to climate change.


Powerful Data

DAS Portfolio
Analyse all your assets at scale with our powerful Portfolio Management Tool.

DAS Platform
Analyse individual customers' properties at the asset level with our subscription service.

Evaluate & Analyse

With data captured and accurately mapped, access is quick and easy within your own system or ours, which offers two views.

Drive Targetted Growth

Named in Australia and New Zealand’s Climate Tech Top 100; recognised for Excellence in Industry Collaborations and Partnerships & Excellence in Insurtech

Leader in location intelligence for financial services and agri-enterprise

Featured in

Drive Targeted Growth

Secure your next wave of profitable growth and empower your teams with geospatial, machine learning, AI-powered intelligence. Gain deep, specialised insights into customers, prospects and leads.

Digitise & Transform Internal Processes

Digitise and simplify your workflow, bringing together all the data and insight you need to make better decisions and manage risk. Reduce workload, save time and increase efficiency.

Strengthen Risk Management

Actively manage risk and monitor climate & nature-based perils, impact and events at property, asset or portfolio scale while helping your customers do the same; meet global ESG frameworks like TNFD.

Why customers choose DAS

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