Rural Insurance Workflow

The world's top insurers and financial institutions use Rural Insurance Hub™ workflow by DAS to gain access to advanced data, a powerful agri-insurance centric workflow, and digital reporting on any property, delivered instantly.

The new standard in agri-insurance software.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

Our platform enables insurers, agencies, brokers and re-insurers to address use cases from risk mitigation and portfolio planning to GWP growth, physical risk assessment and helping customers better manage climate risk.

Our Rural Insurance 'Hub' Workflow:

The location intelligence platform for agri-insurance

Digitise the way you work

Developed by and for world leading agribusiness insurance and financial services organisations, our subscription-based cloud product is the world's only agri-specific workflow to visualise essential data; convert daily tasks into digital workflows; add your own insights; and exchange digital reporting.

The essential insurance tool

See how Rural Insurance, the must have tool in the industry is adding value in specific sectors.

DAS has achieved the global information security standard ISO 27001:2013 for software services to the agriculture, insurance and banking industries.

Safe & Secure

Our product works wherever users are, so you can harness the power of DAS whether you're in the office or working remotely, with a user experience designed for ease of use.


Unlock the world-class rural intelligence and workflow relevant to agri and rural insurance. We provide you with a full picture and required context, bringing precision to what is insured, along with risk reselection and pricing.

Advantageous Insights

Empower your workforce and help your customers better understand and manage evolving risks — creating stronger, more resilient communities and organisations.

Forge Strong Relationships

Increase the speed and reliability of your decision-making across quoting, underwriting, renewal and claims. Make the right decisions, while sharing knowledge insights across teams.

Enhance Performance

Get on-demand, agri-insurance centric digital reports with our advanced reporting tools. Put an end to paperwork and take the chore out of daily tasks.

Intelligent Reporting

Technology that drives agri-insurance


Andrew Beer

Executive General Manager

WFI Insurance

This technology is helping bridge a digital divide – our people use DAS Rural Insurance Hub's workflow to create digital reports that they then share with all their farming clients.

They don't just talk about what's insured or what's not insured – for instance, have you thought about insuring that shed so you're not underinsured.

They are able to use the tool to show clients how proximity to state forests, for instance, might be affecting their risk profile or safety.

This is enabling new kinds of conversations to happen around structures on the property or climate risk, and creating new opportunities for us to support our clients.

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

A cut above the rest

Our rural insurance workflow is the only rural-specific, property-level insight and analytics software in the market. It's also the only property tool to combine trusted climate risk metrics, including on regional risk and hazard, with critical agri-specific property characteristics. All with the ability to add, overlay and integrate your own data and intelligence.

Tools of the trade

Find any rural property or hobby farm over one acre in size, then save by name, policy or quote number.


User farms made up of multiple parcels and land holdings, then locate and log structures and buildings — anywhere from five to 50 to 100.


Shape insights for the better and directly measure fire drought, flood and other physical risk at property level, along with regional risk predictors like proximity to national parks



Create digital reports that enable you to have meaningful conversations with any property owner about what's insured and what isn't, how conditions specific to their location might be affecting their premiums or safety, and how to create more certainty amidst climate risk.

Ready to get started?

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