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It is the only platform on the planet to automate the data financial services explicitly need to build better businesses, manage risk & grow with their customers.

DAS’ tech is a unified system of data, workflow, CRM and integration tools

Better understand assets, customers & portfolios

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Rural land inside DAS dynamic object
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Work in your own systems – ingesting and enriching the intelligence you already hold with high-value DAS insights.

Work in the DAS platform, with all the workflow, visualization, data input, overlay and reporting capability it delivers.

DAS Integration Tools

DAS Interface

Many customers choose to work in both. No matter how enterprise customers choose to access DAS Intel, their rich data is fused, integrated and overlaid with DAS data, creating superior value and benefits.

DAS delivers this functionality in two primary ways

The platform’s origins

Five years ago, DAS pioneered its vision for the Rural Intelligence Platform™, transforming how decisions are made in the businesses surrounding agriculture for a safer, more resilient, more prosperous, more sustainable world.

Today, DAS’ platform has evolved to meet an acute area of need for financial services and agri-enterprise. Integrating location intelligence, climate, productivity, sustainability, risk and carbon data, it offers the multi-dimensional intelligence they need to lend, insure, invest and sell better.

Wondering how to start your journey with DAS? Talk to us about getting your location based information right, so that you can integrate or overlay it with climate risk data, productivity or sustainability insight.

Find out how to locate your customers here.

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Our platform delivers a completely new way to understand assets, customers or portfolios, in a way that synchronizes what you already know with the highest value data

Accurate geospatial data for agri-asset geolocation is critically important and crucial for organisations working closely with farm owners.

DAS' research explores how the prioritisation of geospatial data validation within financial services organisations can enable leaders to lend, insure, invest and grow in a dynamic climate, and enhance an organisation’s approach to addressing opportunities and risks related to its portfolio – particularly with regard to climate change.

Read the whitepaper.

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Embedding a strong culture of information security is the responsibility of everyone at DAS. Read about DAS ISO27001 certification.

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