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Our cloud-based product revolutionises the way you interact with rural and agri properties, providing unparalleled geospatial insights and a competitive edge.

The Rural-Focused Location Intelligence Platform.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

Data & insights for rural industries

The DAS Platform is trusted by industry leaders including insurers, banks, lenders, government, property, rural suppliers, grain, cropping, and valuation.

Individual investors and landholders also use the DAS platform, as do businesses that invest in food and agribusinesses, advisory and consulting, real estate and sustainability-focused organisations of all kinds. It's a game-changer for managing a range of use cases, from determining fair value to mitigating risks, uplifting sales, benchmarking productivity and portfolio planning.

With access to the DAS platform you can:

Discover detailed information about the land, including soil types and crops grown.

Land Use

Gain insights into Potential Carrying Capacity and agricultural productivity.

Farm Output

Get a detailed look at the structures on a property, with assets automatically populated.


Define property boundaries with precision.

Map A Farm

Create branded, in-depth reports with the content that matters to your business, like relevant nearby sales data.

Digital Property Reports

Access property sales data from the last 10 years.

Sales History

Assess property suitability with rainfall and growing season data.

Climate Data

Access critical data on flood, fire, frost, and rainfall risks.

Risk Assessment

Locate any rural property or hobby farm over one acre in size quickly and easily.


The world's only rural-specific workflow


Steven Jeffrey,
National Property Business Development Manager, AWN

In the past we had found that compiling information was time consuming and sometimes inaccurate, as there were multiple platforms to use. DAS became our one-stop shop platform that gathered all the information we had been using plus more. We quickly found that our clients were impressed with the level of detail we could provide them. It has certainly become part of our everyday process

Garry Nash,
Garry Nash & Co

We find [the DAS Platform] invaluable to confirm and endorse comments that owners put forward in relation to their property

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

True rural expertise

Elevate your decision-making process to new heights with access to the DAS Rural Platform. As the sole rural-centric location intelligence platform, we're dedicated to one thing and one thing only – empowering you with the most comprehensive insights into rural assets, properties, prospects and customers you serve. If you love land, our platform provides you with the competitive edge you need to make informed and impactful decisions in the rural landscape. It's time to put the power of rural intelligence in your hands.

Take advantage of our premium add-on data sets

Net Primary Productivity (NPP) is the rate at which plants store carbon.

It can be used to quantitatively compare rural properties and farms, even if they are in different regions or states.

For instance, if the long-term mean NPP for one farm is higher than another, then it has grown more plant matter.


Do you need more data on yield estimates?

Add this Cropping Yield data to your subscription, and gain yield estimates for cropping properties.

It’s updated every month during the season.

Yield estimates are another metric that can be used to market and compare rural properties and farms.

Cropping Yield

Ready to get started?

Platform access comes with our standard Rural Property foundational workflow. Get in touch or watch a short demonstration video of the DAS platform in action.

Gain even more value with our workflow add-ons

Gives insurers and financial institutions access to advanced data, a powerful agri-insurance centric workflow and digital reporting on any property, delivered instantly.

Rural Insurance

Analyse and evaluate rural-specific property improvements, inclusions and land value, with advanced comparative analysis that supports your organisation’s knowledge and expertise.

Rural Valuations

Our insights, your system

Access our data and insights within your organisation's existing systems via API.

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