What makes the platform so unique?

How do we try out the DAS Platform?

What’s the difference between the Platform and the Rural Intelligence Platform?

What is your onboarding process? Can you make it unique to our business?

Will I have an account manager?

What if I have questions?

What do I do if I believe any information on my farm or rural property is inaccurate?

Can we set up invoicing payment?

Can you tell us about your fair use provision?

Where does DAS source its data?

Does the data cover all geographies?

How often is the data updated?

How is official Valuer General sales data different from Agent sales data or custom sales functionality?

What about farmers & rural communities?

Do you offer discounts?

What happens if I cancel my account? Will I lose all my saved work?

What happens if I don’t want all staff members to see others' work? Is there a way of separating it while still working under the one company?

How do I take advantage of the DAS farmer account?

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