DAS company photo
DAS company photo

We’re on a mission to build the best SaaS company dedicated to financial services and agri-enterprise.

DAS is a technology company that delivers location intelligence for financial services and enterprises, with a unified system of data, insights, software and CRM integrations. We are a new kind of technology company. A product-focused fintech, we are accelerating innovation across the entire agri-enterprise ecosystem.

Decision-makers use our unique ecosystem of products and services to get the multi-dimensional intelligence they need to lend, insure, invest and sell better in a dynamic climate.

About DAS

& Culture

The DAS team is made up of all sorts of people. From highly experienced product, tech, development and engineering specialists, to earth observation and geospatial talent; entrepreneurs and business executives, to passionate customer success professionals and sales experts. All supported by some of the world’s leading earth & data scientists.

For all of our diversity, there are a few things we all have in common:


We are team players, and support each other so we can operate as one inclusive team.
We care about details: every pixel, byte and customer. We succeed when our customers succeed.

We embrace diversity, recognise the uniqueness of all people and embrace the inclusion of their opinions.

We are passionate about what we do, and help our people and our customers to excel and realise their potential.


the Team

Earth Observations Lead

What brought you to DAS?

I was really impressed by the culture at DAS. I believe that culture is the main driver of success in a business (especially a startup), so for me it looked like DAS was going places. This combined with an experienced leadership team and strong vision for the company made it an easy decision. After 12 months at DAS I've found the culture to be even better!

Sam Atkinson


the Team

Data Lead

Tell us what you do, in a nutshell?

I manage the data pipeline here at DAS. This covers sourcing and transforming the data and then making it available for customers. I love the enthusiasm and openness at DAS. Everyone has such unique skill sets and we have the opportunity to expand these.

Kelly O'Donnell


the Team

Data Engineer

What brought you to DAS?

When I had a look at the platform I was immediately fascinated. I'd never worked within the agriculture domain, and the data, software and vision was engaging from the start. I had a great experience during the interview process and knew straight away this was where I wanted to be. The culture at DAS is outstanding and continues to improve.

Connor Keogh


the Team

Customer Success Manager

Tell us what you do, in a nutshell?

I joined DAS in February 2022 as a Customer Success Manager. I manage, run training for, and support customers looking to join (or that have recently joined) DAS. The role requires working with most teams across the organisation.

Ellen Myers

Our Founding Story

Digital Agriculture Services was established in 2017 in partnership with CSIRO, Australia’s national science and research agency, our founding equity partner. While not everyone knows CSIRO outside of its home country, here’s a little-known fact: if you're reading this online, the chances are you're using WiFi, invented and patented by CSIRO in the 1990s.

Our partnership, at its core, was all about turning science into solutions, translating research into lasting value, and transforming agriculture for the future. Our origins reflect our deep commitment to what we today call 'putting science into the hands of decision makers.'

DAS is immensely proud of the relationship we have built with CSIRO, which ranks in the top one percent of global institutions for agricultural sciences. Our relationship feeds into the DAS product cycle, ensuring we scale global SaaS and data products.
Why DAS matters to customers

DAS today is:

Helping the world's most important companies meet the needs of the world's most important industry.
Our cloud-based SaaS platform and data products empower professionals with specialised insights on the agri customers, assets and portfolios they target - at farm, regional and continental scale.

Supporting digital transformation in financial services and agri enterprises.
DAS is a linchpin for digital innovation, enabling the digital transformation of internal processes, improved risk management and targeted growth with new data and workflows.

Delivering impact from science.
We’re unlocking the ecosystem of data that exists around the farmer, integrating it with decision-making tools to transform agribusiness.

DAS is a backbone for modern agri-finance and enterprise. It is helping the industry materially transform the way it lends, insures, invests finance and allocates capital in a high-risk climate.

Rural data is often fragmented, inaccessible or unintelligible. This means billions in decisions are being based on inaccurate, unreliable or incomplete data. When you couple that with mega-trends including climate change, global food demand or population growth, the importance of addressing agriculture’s risk profile is even higher.

By building the best SaaS company dedicated to the global financial services and agri-enterprise, we believe we will:

Create fairer financing for everyone.
This starts with farmers, who may not always be DAS’s customers, but are significant beneficiaries of access to and innovation in financial services to support their livelihood.

Create safer environments for everyone.
Predicting risk in a changing climate starts with quantifying physical risk, whether simplistic or sophisticated, at both asset + portfolio levels.

Protect & feed a growing population.
Improving the risk model surrounding agri-financial services is at the centre of DAS, connecting the future of food to true risk and visibility.

Why DAS matters to society

Work with DAS

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