Embed is the simple, groundbreaking geolocation solution that lets any organisation map their customers in minutes. Embed empowers your teams or customers to precisely outline rural location boundaries within your own systems or customer portals.

True rural asset boundaries defined by your customers.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

The age of expecting your team to define rural asset boundaries, which can be dynamic and complex to define, are over. Pins on maps, inaccurate addresses and simple latitude & longitude coordinates don’t provide the full picture about agri-assets, but true rural boundary data about a customer’s land coverage unlocks the picture you need to see.

With Embed, you can…

Eliminate data errors by putting your customer in control

Care about the ‘where’

DAS analysis identified that within the financial services industry 'potentially billions of dollars in decisions are being made based on inaccurate or incomplete geospatial data'. This staggering figure draws much needed attention to the way businesses manage and operationalise their geospatial data. By using tools such as DAS Locate and DAS Embed in tandem, your business can navigate the task of prioritising the location data pertaining to your customers, while also putting your customer or team in control of uploading their true rural asset boundaries going forward. Not only will this alleviate time and burden on your team and clients, it will allow your organisation to unleash the full potential of location intelligence to boost revenue or reduce risk.

Once defined, maps and boundaries can be shared with additional internal systems, like your CRM, making Embed your single source of truth when it comes to your customers' land coverage.

Share intel between systems

Leverage and overlay additional DAS data points to better understand the economic opportunities and risks associated with the exact areas defined by your customers.

Enrich your customer data

Allow your customers or teams to define the areas they wish to mortgage, lend money against, insure, grow on, or buy input for.

User defined custom boundaries

Technology that goes directly to the source

Prioritise ESG with a geolocation strategy

Do you want to understand your climate risk or ESG drivers? Or how your customers, properties or portfolio is affected now or into the future? Don’t fall into the trap of doing so without true geospatial areas and boundaries which give you and your organisation a compelling competitive advantage. DAS Embed is one tool that can drive your organisation forward through the practice of managing location data in a consistent and seamless way, putting the power of geospatial into the hands of your users and teams so that you can better assess climate risks in your customer book now and into the future. DAS is ISO-certified. We are committed to data security, so you can rest assured that all the information you create is unique to your company and won’t be shared with others.

Tools of the trade

DAS maps on your customer portals.


Defined farm boundaries to your CRM.


Modify rural asset boundaries if required.


See opportunities & risks with DAS Portfolio.


Ready to get started?

If you are looking for a geospatial solution to empower your customers and teams, get in touch with us or watch the Embed instant demo.

It’s time to care about the 'where' - Turn location data into a valuable asset today with DAS Embed.

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