Portfolio Management Tool

DAS’ Portfolio Management tool enables financial services and agri-enterprise to achieve targeted growth at region or district level, reduce or rebalance risk, and give enterprise customers a picture of their current market share and opportunity for growth.

Analyse, compare & benchmark across entire agri-oriented portfolios.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

While the DAS platform was built with a focus on individual assets or properties, DAS’ Portfolio Management tool has been created to address entire agri-portfolios and rural markets at scale, making it ideal for executive-centric teams. Gain insight from unique data that can be used to:

The location intelligence platform for agri-portfolios

Address entire agri-portfolios and rural markets at scale

For the first time, you can now have a complete picture of all your physical assets, clients or prospects at once. You can see any region or district, along with the geospatial elements and information you need to analyse, modify or manage your entire portfolio.

Answer critical questions your business has about any agri-portfolio with DAS data and digitise your lending portfolio, allowing you to implement data-driven strategies and enrich internal data & knowledge.

Business Planning & Strategy

Meet prudential, regulatory & compliance reporting needs whilst feeding into your ESG impact assessment, staying ahead of the curve with data to disclose against global standards like APRA, LEAP-FI, TCFD and TFND.

Prudential Reporting, Regulatory & Compliance

Evaluate & optimise your portfolio with insight into i.e. portfolio-level climate and productivity risk, with the ability to visualise physical risk at portfolio level including agri-specific characteristics like crop productivity, fire or flood risk.

Risk Management

Geospatially filter, identify & qualify leads and targets to generate new business, ensure acquisition efforts are aligned with potential profit, and shave hours if not weeks off finding potential customers.

Growth and Customer Prospecting

Answering business critical questions


Garry Gale

Adjunct Professor, Innovation

RMIT University

When I was in banking I dreamed of having the data that DAS’ Portfolio Management tool can produce. 

Understanding where your customers are located, benchmarking and what your market share is by farm type is now so much easier to do. 

This is crucial information for a whole host of industries.

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

Map your customers

DAS' promise is to allow businesses to evolve from traditional area definitions (like LGA or postcodes), which can be extremely generic and miss important nuances, to a very strategic definition of areas and other variables where the business can differentiate itself or strategically aim for. For this reason, DAS Portfolio provides additional ways to define a market.

Tools of the trade

Instead of providing a latitude and longitude for a radius search, users can now indicate an address and the pin will be directed to the right location.


Users can benefit from our filters & additional data points to understand agri-market opportunities based on location, and in line with strategic objectives.


Add additional context to your market area search by using DAS Portfolio to see complementary information about agri-assets.


Narrow down the results of your query and export the table to a CSV file. Upload it to your own systems to enrich your data and glean new insights.


Ready to get started?

Are you ready to analyse, compare and benchmark using DAS Portfolio?

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