Unique insights on your customers integrated into the tools you rely on daily

Locate offers industry-first data integration and CRM extension, giving you the ability to locate your customers and extend your data with geospatial data at the point of decision.

It is a global-first tool to digitally map farms at scale, integrating and extending CRM knowledge and allowing you to overlay climate, productivity, sustainability, risk and carbon data at farm, asset and portfolio level.

Enrich your CRM information with up to 50+ more data points on any one customer

Hassle-free integration

It can sit alongside programmes like Salesforce, so you can see hundreds of customer farms at scale with one click.

Say goodbye to data silos

No more shape files to download from one system to another, simultaneously saving time and improving predictive modelling.

Improved business focus and competitive edge

Combining traditional CRM systems and geolocated DAS data takes your insight one step further — by identifying and better understanding your customers, you can both target similar prospects and improve your account management.

An overarching product with two modular, interconnected integration options to choose from

See essential geospatial insight via your CRM, creating powerful integrations between DAS and the tools you rely on daily. 

Turbo-charge your data with DAS’ ‘plug and play’ option — layered and integrated with your own systems. By mapping farms you can enrich your CRM information with up to 50+ more data points on any one customer.

Locate ‘Extend’

Upload and geospatially map customer farms with the click of a button. DAS analysis shows that more than half of the addresses that our clients have on file are incorrect. Until you get your location based information right, you can’t even consider integrating or overlaying that data with climate risk, productivity or sustainability insight.

Locate ‘Map’

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