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About DAS

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About DAS

About DAS

Everything DAS does, we do alongside our founding equity partner – the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). We are commercializing unique CSIRO research in agriculture, in an exclusive collaboration that accelerates the impact and value of digital agriculture. Our partnership is all about turning science into solutions, translating research into lasting value, and transforming agriculture for the future. DAS is immensely proud of the relationship we have built with CSIRO, which ranks in the top one per cent of global institutions for agricultural sciences.

Digital Agriculture Services is a rural technology company based in Melbourne. The company was established in partnership with CSIRO, Australia’s national science and research agency, in 2017, with a mission to deliver reliable rural intelligence. The company is applying machine learning and AI to develop rural data-powered solutions that transform the way rural assets are assessed, valued and monitored.

Jonathon Clark, CCO, Co-Founder

Rob Mellor, CTO, Co-Founder

Anthony Willmott, CEO, Co-Founder 

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Jonathon has led investment teams, held senior financial services management positions, and started-up and managed two boutique funds management in Australia and the US.

This included a fascinating decade commuting between Melbourne and San Francisco, and an ever-increasing obsession with emerging investment trends in water, agriculture and big data application. He returned to Melbourne in 2015 to focus full-time on identifying and developing unique business opportunities in the agricultural data services sector in Australia.

Rob is an energetic technology leader with extensive experience in technology-led business transformation, growth and delivery.

A former Managing Director within Accenture’s Technology Consulting practice, Rob brings deep experience in applying technology solutions to deliver business strategy, covering all aspects of design, delivery and governance. His background includes science and business.

Anthony is a founder and innovator who has launched, built and led high-growth businesses as start-ups and within large enterprises alike.

A former Managing Director within Accenture’s Strategy Practice focused on the mining, energy and agribusiness sectors, Anthony most recently led the establishment of Digital Agriculture Services for the company with a global innovation remit. He has extensive experience spanning the Australasian, Asian and global marketplaces including 10 years based in Singapore with PwC, IBM and Accenture.

The DAS team consists of experienced business executives, entrepreneurs and technology specialists, supported by some of the world’s leading ag & data scientists.



Garry Gale is a leading authority on natural capital, including the connection between sustainable farming and enhancing economic and social prosperity.

A key strategic advisor to DAS, Garry is an Adjunct Professor of Innovation at RMIT University in Melbourne and Head of Partner Experience for the Federal Government’s Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).

He brings many years’ specialist expertise in banking, technology, innovation and agribusiness to his work with DAS, including most recently as head of National Australia Bank’s Agribusiness Development and Asia Desk. This includes unique insight into the development and delivery of data solutions that will improve outcomes for farmers, and the sectors that service and support them.

Garry views the DAS Rural Intelligence Platform as a critical solution to accurately measuring natural value, in order to understand the impact of climate change on Australian farming and agribusiness.

Garry Gale, Advisor

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Sarah Gorman, Advisor

Michael Robertson, Advisor

Sarah is an influence specialist with 20+ years’ experience delivering coaching, counsel, strategy and tools to high-profile multinationals, business leaders and entrepreneurs alike.

She is an experienced non-executive director and active advisor to top-10 Fortune leadership teams, along with tech start-ups, not-for-profits, foundations and other organisations. Sarah has deep Asia Pacific expertise gained through operating across multiple markets; a global mindset honed through 15+ years’ experience leading, managing and flexing virtual teams across Singapore, London, regional Australia and elsewhere; and a strong affinity for the drivers of disruption, innovation and change.

Michael Robertson, the Deputy and Science director of CSIRO Agriculture and Food, sits on the board of Digital Agriculture Services and is a leading specialist in digital agriculture.

Michael’s current work is bringing together agricultural researchers and technology experts to explore new ways in which digital technologies can drive impact and value across the agriculture and food ecosystem. His research background is in crop agronomy and simulation modelling, where Michael’s work has informed better management regimes for economic, environmental and social outcomes. Unlocking the potential for agriculture in Australia is a key focus area.

Dave Henry, Advisor

DAS Advisory & Board

Pat Mitchell, research scientist and specialist in climate science, systems modelling and services that inform risk management in agriculture.

Chris Sharman, senior engineer and specialist in spatio-temporal data platforms, distributed sensing and decision support in agriculture.

Dean Thomas, senior research scientist and a specialist in livestock systems to improve the environmental health of dryland farming systems.

Simon Collings, research scientists and a specialist in remote sensing monitoring, machine learning and image integration.

Zvi Hochman, a leading research scientist in agricultural systems and modelling, including in yield gap, and CSIRO’s leader for integrated agricultural systems.

Roger Lawes, a farming systems scientist and specialist in agricultural systems and modelling.

Gonzalo Mata, senior experimental scientist and a specialist in livestock systems, GIS technology and geographic information systems.

Jaci Brown, senior research scientist and specialist in climate variability and applications of climate to decision making.

Ross Searle, senior experimental scientist and a specialist in soils and agricultural systems modelling.

Andrew Moore, a prominent digital agriculture and agro-ecosystems scientist and leader of CSIRO’s Digiscape Future Science Platform.

Shuvo Bakar, data scientist and specialist in predictive analytics and modelling.

Simon Barry, data analytics scientist and research director for CSIRO Data61’s analytics research program.

Randall Donohue, research scientist and a specialist in remote sensing and vegetation science.

Our science team is truly world-class. The team brings impressive credentials in digital agriculture, agricultural science, landscape systems, soil science, production and risk estimates, data platforms and modelling. The team includes:

Andy is a software engineer with deep experience designing and deploying leading edge software.

His technical expertise spans security, production readiness, system architecture and design, along with back-end development and implementation across a broad range of industries.

His diverse background includes founding a successful software development company servicing the transport industry; being the lead developer for ARTSA Data, an industry-leading source of market data for the heavy vehicle sector; and being part of the core technology team behind mental health service start-up, InnoWell, that brings together knowledge and funding from PwC, the University of Sydney and the Australian government.

Andy Perkins, Software Engineer

Mawuli is a management and technology specialist with experience working across multiple industries in complex problem solving.

A masters-qualified aerospace engineer whose early career was with Airbus, Mawuli has helped clients identify and deliver data-driven initiatives that deliver savings; streamline operations; enhance supply chains and boost growth. His global experience includes working in the logistics, infrastructure and clinical research industries. He has also developed a novel statistical approach to improve the efficiency of landing impact assessments.

Mawuli Agbesi, Client Engagement

Dave leads sales and client engagement, bringing extensive experience in technology, strategy, transformation and growth to his role at DAS.

He has a deep understanding of critical business challenges spanning industries such as banking and finance, energy, telecommunications, utilities and mining, and a proven track record in leveraging digital technology that drives growth and improved business outcomes. A former senior director with Accenture and general manger with Telstra, Dave is known for establishing high-value, long-term client relationships. He is an accredited company director, and holds a bachelor of business (accounting).

Dave Roberts, Sales & Client Director

Kelly has over 20 years’ experience in data integration, data management and spatial databases. Her expertise includes managing large national databases for residential, rural and retail property sectors, as well as implementing automated processes to enhance data quality and simplify data validation.

Kelly’s doctorate thesis explored the use of digital valuation models for rural property, determining whether existing and available spatial and a-spatial datasets could determine the value of rural properties in Victoria. Kelly has international experience, including as a fellow at London’s Kingston University where she was responsible for the methodology to analyse 30 years of UK Census data.

Tim is a software engineer, with specialist expertise in spatial and space-based technology to develop data-based products.

He has global experience solving big spatial problems in industries including telecommunications and energy, and in 2017 also co-founded Pangaea, an organisation dedicated to using spatial technology for humanitarian applications. Tim, who is an aerospace engineer by training, was also part of the NASA Space Apps Melbourne hackathon winning team; while his honours thesis also won a VSSEC-NASA Space Prize for data processing and electronics.

Daniel is a full stack developer, software engineer and data analyst with deep experience across the stack, from database management, front and backend development and dev-ops.

He has significant experience including with a major US insurance company, overseeing reporting processes, automated reports and analysis. Daniel also developed and co-founded The Odds API, a tool that delivers live and comprehensive sports odds to content creators in Australia and the UK.

Daniel Leber, Solution Architect

Kelly O’Donnell, Data Manager

Tim Fist, Product Developer

Dave Henry is CSIRO’s research leader for digital agriculture, delivering wide support and guidance on digital agriculture data and science.

As the lead liaison for the DAS-CSIRO partnership, Dave works at the intersection of data, technology and agriculture – helping drive dedicated DAS research as well as leading insights from CSIRO’s leading agriculture, data and digital scientists. Dave’s research background includes pasture agronomy, remote sensing and capturing value from new digital technologies including artificial intelligence. His experience has taken him across the dairy, beef and mixed farming systems, and his work has national reach and global significance.

Every day, business, policy makers and farmers are making decisions without reliable rural data or analytics. Despite the importance of food and agriculture to our economy, rural data is patchy and fragmented; inaccessible or unintelligible; or simply not connected in a way that’s useful.

This lack of data not only means billions in decisions are being based on inaccurate, unreliable or incomplete data – it means agriculture’s risk profile is far higher than it should be. When you couple that with mega-trends including climate change, global food demand or population growth, the importance of addressing agriculture’s risk profile is even higher.

DAS’ founders believe that by providing the most reliable rural intelligence possible, we can give today’s decision makers the data they need to make more informed decisions. Decisions that build competitive advantage, wealth and prosperity for all.

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