Unlock market insights and drive growth with access to Australian crop data

DAS’ Grain Intelligence data pack provides organisations operating within the Australian grain market with highly accurate “in season” crop data, four years of historical crop data and up to 20 years of historical Australian crop productivity data.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the data pack can be received in a number of ways, enabling organisations to stay current, competitive and informed about the grain market.
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- Sam Atkinson, Earth Observation and Data Science Lead, DAS

Recent ground truthing reports show that DAS grain intelligence data provides an accuracy rate of >90%

The DAS Grain Intelligence offering acknowledges the mutual benefits for both the public and private sector that can be gleaned from being able to access historic and “in season” crop data, while also understanding that the utilisation of the data between sectors will vary.

Two sectors, mutual benefits

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Receive Grain Intelligence data in a way that makes sense for you

Choose one or more of the data streams relevant to you

1. Winter crop data

The data available from August to November is refreshed every two weeks “in season”. Data points include crop type, yield and planted area.

2. Historical data

Receive up to 20 years of crop productivity data and four years of cropping area planted and yield data, including the most recent season after harvest.

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Choose how you’d like to receive and interact with the data

1. Directly into your CRM via our API

The Grain Intelligence API seamlessly integrates the cropping data of your choice into your own proprietary CRM system, enriching your data and enabling you to make faster, more informed decisions.

2. Crop Estimates

Whether it is every two weeks in-season, or after harvest, the DAS team can send customised crop estimates to your team as PDF and Excel files.

3. DAS Cropping Hub

The Cropping Hub platform shows you what is growing where and how it is performing through interactive maps and data. You can arrange access for as many users within your organisation as you require.

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Leverage the best of data science and AI without the risk & investment

Trying to estimate crop production for a land mass the size of Australia would take years of research and modelling to complete the job in a conventional way. Crunching the numbers, constructing algorithms, querying enormous amounts of industry data and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) would’ve been a job once reserved for colleagues with a highly specialised skill set.

DAS’ Grain Intelligence offering empowers teams in all facets of the business to make the most of this cutting edge technology, taking advantage of tools and technical capabilities that were not previously possible — removing the barrier to entry to receive crop estimates ahead of the official estimates.

Accessing the DAS Grain Intelligence data pack enables your team to:

  • ​Enrich proprietary data and apply AI easily to gain valuable insights in hours, not days or years.
  • Access detailed and accurate crop estimate data to supplement your own supply and demand (S&D) tracking.
  • Understand grain supply quickly and easily without needing to create crop estimate models from scratch.
  • Take advantage of supply trends that the market is yet to quantify.
  • Use whitespace analysis to understand market share and opportunity.
  • Tailor your offerings to customers and stakeholders.
  • Explore cropping trends and plan for targeted growth.
  • Helps organisations side-step constraints to S&D tracking such as on-farm use and storage.

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