In-season, AI-led crop monitoring,
forecasting & productivity

The new DAS Cropping Hub™ is now live.

The only in-season software product in our growing SaaS suite, the new DAS Cropping Hub represents breakthrough innovation in AI for the cropping industry.

Integrating exclusive, proven science models and data, Cropping Hub provides in-season crop monitoring and identification, crop-yield forecasts, and productivity monitoring and benchmarking at paddock, farm, region, state and national scale.

DAS is working with industry leaders to rapidly refine the technology and classification process, yield predictions accuracy and data insights that better enable decision making.

Explore workflow, features and tools built for the global cropping & grains industry

Back decision-making
with proven science

Explore workflow, features and tools built for the global cropping & grains industry.

Back decision-making with
proven science


Identify and classify 10 crops, including cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, and pulses like chickpeas and lentils. Full automation of crop maps.


Access productivity monitoring for every farm in Australia.

At field, property, region, state or national level. Assess in-season declines associated with drought, frost and more.


Our software predicts hectares planted for 10 crops, and forecasts yields across any season.

We are digitising a living landscape that’s among the toughest in the world – crops, which cover half the world’s surface – but are changing all the time.

It’s highly complex. But it’s important work that’s allowing agribusiness to better respond to the impact of climate change.

Don’t just buy,
trade or supply.
Bring cropping
to life.

Our technology is already monitoring 18 million hectares of Australian crops for yield forecast. And a country that’s three quarters the size of Europe.
Our software has the potential to monitor 731 million hectares of cropping globally. And it’s particularly powerful in data-poor environments.

Easily scalable

From Sydney to Singapore, London to New York, our software can be accessed anywhere in the world. We support remote work.

Remote ready

Our software leverages our deep science, digital and agribusiness domain knowledge to create cutting-edge insights. We learnt a lot in 2020. And our technology is only set to get better. Fast.

Deep knowledge

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