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DAS offers industry-leading data packs and insights specifically designed for crop insurers and agencies, helping them acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones in the face of ever-increasing risks.

Empowering crop insurers for a resilient future.

Trusted by the world's top financial

institutions and agri-enterprises

Our tools enable crop insurers to increase revenue, view risk, and stand out in the market by delivering products of exceptional value that customers cannot do without.

With DAS software you can:

The location intelligence platform for crop insurers

Gain access to advanced data, a powerful agri-insurance centric workflow, and digital reporting on any property, delivered instantly.

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Adapting in uncertain times

Our tools help crop insurers raise the bar on the quality of products and services they provide, while targeting strategic growth opportunities in the market. DAS gives crop insurers the data and insights they need to offer innovative products and stand out from the pack amidst an ever-changing industry landscape.

Highly accurate “in season” crop data, four years of historical crop data and up to 20 years of historical Australian crop productivity data.

Support your knowledge and expertise with geospatial visualisation, from buildings and structures to cropping or productivity.

Visualise Rural’s Unique Risks

Ensure you can offer premium protection for farmers against rising perils.

Bring Producers Peace of Mind
Use the power of location intelligence to quickly and accurately quantify impact down to paddock and property level, with granular insights that enable faster decision making and better customer service.
Strengthen Climate Event Resilience

As well as geolocating your current customers or adding new points to your CRM, our Platform helps you address risk for many secondary perils.

Protect Against Secondary Perils

Grow your share of crop insurance premium collected, and link your strategy to specific crops, growing conditions and productivity.

Drive Competitive Premiums

Our technology enables you to accurately calculate your risks and in turn, your insurance premiums, with active, in-season insights on crops that may fail to grow or experience a loss in yield.

Better Estimate Risks Or Policy Costs

Take advantage of geospatial visualisation to provide industry-leading client and executive experiences that leverage true boundary information, while visualising the best performing districts, regions or customers.

Industry-Leading Experience

Get the high resolution satellite data and data-backed insights you need to deliver competitive products, or build and innovate advanced new ones, including parametric or index-based insurance.

Support Tailored Solutions

Use data to ensure premiums do not become unaffordable, and offer producers and regional communities better financial protection against losses or adverse events.

Differentiate Your Products

Data & technology for the intersection between crop and insurance


Andrew Beer

Executive General Manager

WFI Insurance

This technology is helping bridge a digital divide – our people use DAS Rural Insurance Hub's workflow to create digital reports that they then share with all their farming clients.

They don't just talk about what's insured or what's not insured – for instance, have you thought about insuring that shed so you're not underinsured.

They are able to use the tool to show clients how proximity to state forests, for instance, might be affecting their risk profile or safety.

This is enabling new kinds of conversations to happen around structures on the property or climate risk, and creating new opportunities for us to support our clients.

Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

The only way to predict the future

Bring certainty to your decision making amidst an uncertain climate. Our platform gives you foresight to build predictions that can guide your strategy, better service your customers, target new ones and give you the edge over the competition.

Tools of the trade

Find any rural property or hobby farm over one acre in size, then save by name, policy or quote number.


User farms made up of multiple parcels and land holdings, then locate and log structures and buildings — anywhere from five to 50 to 100.


Shape insights for the better and directly measure fire drought, flood and other physical risk at property level, along with regional risk predictors like proximity to national parks



Create digital reports that enable you to have meaningful conversations with any property owner about what's insured and what isn't, how conditions specific to their location might be affecting their premiums or safety, and how to create more certainty amidst climate risk.

Achieve targeted growth at region or district level, reduce or rebalance risk, and give enterprise customers a picture of their current market share and opportunity for growth.

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